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Puri District is a coastal District on the eastern part of Odisha, India. This District needs no introduction, being the abode of Lord Vishnu, most popularly known as Lord Jagannath. This District derives its name from the heritage city of Puri, one of the four pilgrimage centres of India. Covering an area of 3051 sq/kms, the District may be divided into two dissimilar natural divisions-the Littoral tract and the Level alluvial tract. It is also located at 19’ 28 N Latitude 26’ 35 N, 84’ 29 E. Longitude 86’ 25 E. Its altitude is at sea level. The population of the District is 15, 02, 682 (as per 2001 Census) and the density of population is 431 people per sq. km.

The rural population is 12, 98, 654 and the urban, 2, 04, 028. SC population is 2, 73, 917 and ST is 4, 482. The District is quite literate in the sense that its literates number 1, 024, 523 as against the illiterates numbering 4, 78, 159. Paddy, wheat, mung, biri, kulthi and groundnut are some of the major crops grown in the District.


East: East of the Singadwara are situated Dolamandap Sahi, Balukhanda and the sea. Also there are Radhavallabhi Math (established by Nimbark), Mangu Matha(established by Nayak), Emar Math(established by Govinda, disciple of Ramanuja). Neula Das Matha, the hermitage of Maharsi Angira,the shrines of Narayani, Chakra Narayan,Nrusingha and Bedi Hanuman.
West: on the three west of western gate are situated Baseli sahi, on the south west of the shrine of Harachandi and further distance the famous shrine of Sri Loknath. South: Bali sahi, Syamakali, Dakhinakali, Smshan Chandi and Asta Sambhu Temples.
North: Markendeswar Sahi, Markendeswar tank, Sapta Maruta Uttarparswa Matha, Bada Oriya Matha of Atibadi Jagannath Das,Trimali Matha And Ramji Math etc.

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    जय जगंनाथ जी मेरा नाम राममूतीृ गुपता मै झांसी उ पी से हू अभी मै हाल ही मै तीथृसथल जगनांथ जी गयी थी जहॉ मै सिहं दृार भकत निवास पुरी मै रृकी थी जहां की वयवसथा वहुत ही अचछी थी होटल भी साफ सुथरा था सवसे अचछी बात होटल मनिदर कै बहुत नजदीक है होटल के कमृचारी का वयवहार भी बहुत अचछा था

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    Hotel interior is really nice. Location was good. I staying with my family. Hotel staff behavior was superb. They all are help me when I will required any type of help. Jagannath temple is very closed in this hotel. My three days staying really very memorable for me. I suggest to everybody to staying here and get a lovely experience. Thank you hotel bhakta nivas.

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    This hotel is best preferred as it's just in front of Sri Jagannath temple.Plus it has 24 hours water services,neat and clean rooms,honest room service.It has it's own restaurant with attached and hence boarding and lodging can be enjoyed together.The in-charge person is quite cooporative.

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Binayaka Dasmohapatra


There are elaborate daily worship services. There are many festivals each year attended by millions of people. A large number of traditional festivals are observed by the devotees of Jagannath. Out of those numerous festivals, twelve are important

Snana Yatra
On the Purnima of the month of Jyestha the Gods are ceremonially bathed and decorated every year on the occasion of Snana Yatra.

Ratha Yatra
Suna Vesha or Golden Attire of Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra is most significant of all festivals of Jagannath. The Jagannath triad are usually worshiped in the sanctum of the temple, but once during the month of Asadha (Rainy Season of Odisha, usually falling in month of June or July), they are brought out onto the Bada Danda (The main high street of Puri) and travel (3 km) to the Shri Gundicha Temple, in huge chariots (Rath), allowing the public to have Darshan (Holy view). This festival is known as Ratha Yatra, meaning the festival (Yatra) of the chariots (Ratha). Ratha-Yatra is also termed as the Shri Gundicha yatra.

During panchaka lots of people wait for different Beshas of deities. Different vesha like Dalakia vesha, Adakia vesha, Laksmi Nrusingha Vesha, Trivikrama vesha and finally on the day of Kartik Purnima lord is decorated in Rajarajeswara vesha

Nabakalebara is a symbolic recreation of the wooden forms of four Hindu deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri. In the cult of Jagannath, the ritual is performed during the eighth, 12th, or 19th year after the previous Nabakalebara.

nagarjuna besha of lord jagannath
Puri: Nagarjuna Besha of Lord Jagannath to be held on November 27, 2020. This was informed by the astrologer Baikuntha Nath Nayak, the chief of Samant Chandrasekhar Panjika.

Pancha Tritha
Indradyumana Tank,Rohini Kunda,Markandeya Tank,Swetaganga Tank,The Sea

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